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Zoning & Building

Jackson Township is divided into various Zoning Districts. . . Residential, Commercial, Village, Industrial and so on. . . Certain types of uses are only permitted in a particular zone as designated on the Zoning Map. Typically, the Zoning Officer determines if a certain use or change of use is appropriate in a given location.  Feel free to contact the Zoning Office (email is best) if you need assistance with the Zoning Ordinance interpretation.

Many property improvements require Zoning and/or Building Code permits.  It is important to plan ahead and inquire about permits you may need well in advance of starting your project.  Thank You.

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to Zoning and/or Building, click here. 

Common Residential Permits *

New House A B C J 1 3 4
House Addition A B C 1 3
House Renovations A B C 1
Deck (<30") A C 2 3 Deck (>30") A B C 1 3
Porch A B C 1
Garage (<1000 sf) A C 2 3
Garage (> 1000 sf) A B C 1 3 Add  elec. to bldg C H 1
Shed  A 2 3 5
Pool A C E 1 3
Outdoor Spa C E 1 3
Solar (PV-Roof) B C 1
Solar (PV-Ground) B C 1 3
New Driveway A 2 3
Pave Driveway A 2 
No Impact Home Bus. F
Home Occupation G

*(if applicant is other than property owner, please
complete permit authorization)

A Zoning Application (includes Site Plan)
Building Code Application (UCC)
C Worker's Compensation Certificate
D Fence Permit Application
E Pool Application (UCC)
F No Impact Home Based Business Appl.
G Home Based Business Application
H Electrical Application (UCC)
J Well Permit Application

1 Three sets of plans
2 Simple Drawing
3 Stakeout Project Location
4 See Submission Checklist for New Dwelling 5 See Guidance Document

Building Permit Applications

All Permits are processed through the Zoning Office.
Please download and complete the applications for your project.
Three sets of plans are required for any project involving State Building Codes (UCC).

A Checklist for Common Residential Permit Applications is shown here on this page for your use.

Commercial Permit Applications
Building-short form (for small projects)
Change of Use

Misc. Applications

Building Setback Table (not applicable to buildings housing animals)

Permit Fees: Above Ground Pools
(Additional fees apply for pool decks and/or elevated walkways) 

Zoning Hearing Board
  • Leonard Barthol, Chairman
  • Mark Major, Vice Chairman
  • Gaetano "Guy" Gambino
  • Gerald Staples, Jr. (alternate)
    Solicitor: Jeffrey A. Durney, Esq.
Building Codes

UCC: Uniform Construction Code

Current Building Code Permitting & Inspections

Lehigh Valley Inspection Service
Paul M. Jarrett
Fax: 610-395-2231

LVIS Fee Schedule (valid 2014)
Township adds 20%

Fees due upon permit issuance

to schedule an inspection, for permits issued prior to 2012, call or fax inspection request to:

Building Inspection Underwriters, Inc.
866-344-9681 (toll free)
Fax: (570)969-9700