Attention Residents & Homeowners:

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to install and maintain a proper building number sign in compliance with the requirements of Ordinance NO. 2010-101, also referred to as "Jackson Township E-911 Street and Building Sign Ordinance." Please see link below for further details. We urge current residents and homeowners who already have signs up to check if it meets these requirements.

E-911 Street and Building Sign Ordinance

(570) 629-0153 • 2162 Route 715 PO Box 213 • Reeders, PA • 18352

911 Re-Addressing Project

The 911 Re-Addressing Project for Monroe County is complete. It is critical that all residents and business owners install the new building number signs. The cooperation of all residents is needed to promote the effectiveness of our Emergency Responders such as Fire Companies, Police and Ambulance. Jackson Township residents are doing a super job in getting our building number signs installed!

In Jackson Township: What has been done. . .

• The Township Supervisors have enacted an ordinance for the 911 Re-Addressing.

• Approximately 75% of all residents have received new addresses (some addresses did not change).

• A few Township roads have been renamed.

• All private roads and drives serving two or more properties now have names. Additionally a few private roads have been renamed. The Township Road Department has installed new road name signs for Private Roads. These are red signs with white letters. (Public Roads will remain as green signs.)

What is left to do. . .

• In addition to address change notifications, all residents are responsible to have a building number sign installed
Residents may make their own sign or get one made at a hardware store so long as it meets the requirements. Click here for more information about the requirements for building number signs.

• Use your new address!

Common Misguided Installation Practices:
Please make the necessary adjustments if you are 'guilty' of any of the following:

• Numbers mounted on utility poles
• Numbers mounted too low (should be four-six feet high) 
• Numbers mounted on opposite side of the road than the house