Attention Residents & Homeowners:

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to install and maintain a proper building number sign in compliance with the requirements of Ordinance NO. 2010-101, also referred to as "Jackson Township E-911 Street and Building Sign Ordinance." Please see link below for further details. We urge current residents and homeowners who already have signs up to check if it meets these requirements.

E-911 Street and Building Sign Ordinance

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Short-Term Rentals

Jackson Township has adopted a Short-Term Rental Ordinance.  This new ordinance permits short-term rentals in all areas of the Township.  The Township is committed to assisting property owners to come into compliance.  The permitting process will be of special interest to the following people: 
    • Owners who have been operating rentals in the residential communities of The Village at Camelback and Northridge at Camelback
    • Owners who have rentals who are caught up in the legal system (under appeal)
    • Owners who desire to start up a short-term rental business

Following are documents that are needed to understand the process and to get started with applying for the permit.  The Ordinance is 10 pages long. We recommend reading through the ordinance and then completing the permit application.  The fillable form works best with Adobe.  A guidance document, updated regularly,  is also available here to assist with compiling the required information. 
We strongly encourage applicants to submit the Permit Application and Supporting Documents via email (pdf format) to  The initial permit fee is $300, pay to Jackson Township.  This fee may be mailed or hand-delivered.  The annual renewal fee will be $100.  Someday we hope to be able to accept credit card payment.
Once a complete applicaton is received, our office will contact the owner or agent to arrange for inspection.  After a satisfactory inspection, the permit will be issued. 
Suggestions for updates on this web page are welcome.  Email is encouraged.  Thank You for your interest!

 Short-Term Rental Documents

Short Term Rental Ordinance_2018-100 Download
STR Permit Application_fillable Download
STR Permit Application Guidance Download