Attention Residents & Homeowners:

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to install and maintain a proper building number sign in compliance with the requirements of Ordinance NO. 2010-101, also referred to as "Jackson Township E-911 Street and Building Sign Ordinance." Please see link below for further details. We urge current residents and homeowners who already have signs up to check if it meets these requirements.

E-911 Street and Building Sign Ordinance

(570) 629-0153 • 2162 Route 715 PO Box 213 • Reeders, PA • 18352

Township History

Jackson Township was principally a farming and logging community. Some of the state's most progressive farms of the mid - 19th century were located in Jackson Township. Jackson Township also played a part in the Monroe County ice industry. Most of the ice was harvested on two major lakes in the Township, Trout Lake and Mountain Springs Lake. The prosperity and growth of Jackson Township was increased significantly by the construction of the Wilkes Barre & Eastern Railroad a project of the New York Susquehanna and Western in 1893-94. Jackson Township ice was loaded at the Reeders Depot for shipment to Jersey City and New York.

In 1827 - The first school house was built in Jackson Township, at Jackson Corners (Appenzell).

In 1829 - The Second School house was built in Jackson Township, at Singerville (Reeders).

September 12th 1843 - A new Township is necessary for the accommodation of the citizens; to be called Jackson Township.

1860 - Monroe County census showed a population to be 812.

March 3rd 1952 - Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company date of Organization.

First Settlers - The earliest permanent settlers within the limits of Jackson Township, undoubted were the Miller Family.

First Store - Located at Jackson Corners was kept by John Osterhock, who came from New York State.

First Post Office - Located at the first store in 1861 with W.H. Rhinehart as Postmaster.

First Saw Mill - Erected prior to 1765 by Frederick Miller and was located on the west branch of McMichael's Creek. In 1815 the mill was destroyed by fire, and rebuilt in 1822 by Martin Schleicher.

The First Grist Mill - Michael Butz built the first and only grist mill in the Township in 1838.