Attention Residents & Homeowners:

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to install and maintain a proper building number sign in compliance with the requirements of Ordinance NO. 2010-101, also referred to as "Jackson Township E-911 Street and Building Sign Ordinance." Please see link below for further details. We urge current residents and homeowners who already have signs up to check if it meets these requirements.

E-911 Street and Building Sign Ordinance

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I'd like to get or build a shed; I'm guessing I need a permit, right?

Very small residential sheds, 99 square feet or less, do not require permits. However, setback distances apply for all sheds. Permits are required for all sheds 100 square feet and more. The setback requirements for sheds, also known as accessory structures, can be found in this table. Buildings housing animals have their own setbacks (inquire with Zoning Office). Also, cargo containers are not permitted as a residential accessory use at all. 

To obtain a permit, complete the Zoning Application, indicate the size of the shed. Also prepare a site plan showing the shed location and the distances to property lines, etc. It is also helpful to place 4 markers in the ground where the shed will be placed. An electrical permit is required if you are planning on adding electric to your shed. . . Our Shed Guidance Document may be helpful.

What's the deal with burning and burn barrels?

Burning is regulated in Jackson Township. Burning is discouraged, however, if you must burn, please abide by the ordinances. Generally, you may burn, paper, cardboard and clean wood. Certain items, such as plastics, household garbage and furniture, are strictly prohibited pursuant to Ordinance 2001-102. Also, the days and times you may burn is set forth in Ordinance 2000-100. Please follow the burning regulations and review these ordinances. Residents who burn unpermitted items may jeopardize the privilege of burning for everyone.
Burning construction or demolition debris is a violation of the County Solid Waste Act. Also, since leaves are compostble, burning leaves is strongly discouraged.

Do I need a permit for roofing?

Yes.  Please complete the Building Permit Application and include the proposal from the roofing contractor.  In our area it is important to acknowledge that ice and water shield is installed and the contractor has a current HIC Registration, as admistered by the office of the attorney general.  If you're doing a metal roof, provide the manufacturer's installation specifications.

What are the regulations about fences for a residential property?

Fences do require permits; there is no fee however. Fences may be placed no closer than two feet from the property line or road right-of-way. The maximum height is six feet in a residential zone. It is important to obtain a permit prior to installing a fence. Please complete the application for a fence permit and submit to the Zoning Office.

Do I need a permit to pave or re-pave my driveway?

If you live on a Township road, yes, a permit is required. If you live on a private road, no permit is required from the Township. If you live on a State Road, check with PennDOT (570-424-3024).  The Township permit fee is $25. Use the Zoning Application. . .

I'm planning on having a yard sale; do I need a permit?

Jackson Township does not require a permit for a yard sale. Please remove your signs immediately after the sale; signs on utility poles, trees and government related sign posts are not permitted. Please try to limit the number of yards sales at two per year; this is the limit pursuant to our Zoning Ordinance.

I'm thinking about getting a swimming pool; I should check to see if I need a permit, right?

That's right! Pools having a potential depth over 24" require both a Zoning Permit and Bulding Permit. Storable pools (removed in the fall) do not incur a zoning fee, however they must still meet zoning setback requirements and are subject to the 2015 ISPSC and permit fees.  There are inspections for pools. Check out 'Common Residential Permits' for application requirements.

What are the regulations about keeping horses?

A minimum of two acres is required to have a horse and one horse per acre is permitted in any zoning distrct. Check for any private deed covenants that may be applicable. Also, keep in mind, fences and most structures require permits. Commercial stables are 'another animal'; these guidelines are relevant for your own personal horses only.

I'd like to replace my deck, same size. . . do I need a permit?

Yes. If your deck is higher than 30" above the ground or serves the primary entrance, a PA UCC building code permit and fee will be required. If it is 30" or lower, and does not serve the primary entrance to the dwelling, it is not subject to building codes. However, a Zoning Permit is required in both cases.  Use the guidance under 'Common Residential Permits'.

Can we have chickens if we don't live on a farm?

First, check your private deed restrictions. . . The Township does allow chickens. You may have 10 chickens per acre up to a maximum of 30. No Roosters, sorry. Any chicken coop or manure storage area must be a minimum of 25 feet from a property line. There is more info in the Zoning Ordinance, but this is the basic stuff you need to know. . .

I would like to change the business at a location where there has been a business, what do I need to do?

First, check the zoning district for the permitted use, then complete the change of use application. The Zoning Officer will verify if your location can indeed support the desired use. The fee is $50. Also, a 'fit out' permit may need to be issued along with a certificate of occupancy from our building code official.

For radon remediation installation. . . do I need a permit?

You do not need a permit. . .thanks for checking.