Attention Residents & Homeowners:

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to install and maintain a proper building number sign in compliance with the requirements of Ordinance NO. 2010-101, also referred to as "Jackson Township E-911 Street and Building Sign Ordinance." Please see link below for further details. We urge current residents and homeowners who already have signs up to check if it meets these requirements.

E-911 Street and Building Sign Ordinance

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Common Residential Permits

Shown here is guidance on what is needed to submit applications for common residential projects. 
For unique projects, not listed, please inquire with the Zoning Office.  Zoning permits are good for two years and Building Code permits are good for five years. Also, Building Code Permits must remain active within any six month period or be subject to expiration. 

(scroll down to view and download application forms & guidance documents)
New House
  •  A,B,C,J,1,3,4
House Addition
  • A,B,C,1,3
House Renovations
  • A,B,C,1
Roofing            B,6
Deck (<30") unless primary
means of egress (main door)
  •  A,C,2,3
Deck (>30")
  • A,B,C,1,3
  • A,B,C,1
Accessory Bldg less than 1000 sf
(such as Shed,Garage, Carport, Gazebo, Greenhouse)
      °  A,C,2,3
Accessory Bldg 1000 sf
or greater (such as Garage,
Pole Bldg)
  • A,B,C,1,3
Add elec. to bldg
  • C,H,1
  • A,B,C,1,3
Outdoor Spa
  • B,C,1,3
Solar (PV-Roof)
  • B.C,1
Solar (PV-Ground)
  • B,C,1,3
Fence       °  D
New Driveway
  • A,2,3
Pave Driveway
  • A,2
No Impact Home Bus.
  • F
Home Occupation
  • G



A Zoning Application (includes Site Plan)
B Building Application (UCC)
C Worker's Compensation Certificate
D Fence Permit Application
F No Impact Home Based Business Appl.
G Home Based Business Application
H Electrical Application (UCC)
J Well Permit Application


1 Two copies of plans/Construction Drawing
2 Simple Drawing
3 Stakeout Project Location
4 Submission Checklist for New Dwelling
5 Guidance Document for 'sheds'
6 Contractor's Proposal